Exhibitions on paper is an artist edition born in 2016. We invite artists to create a proposal for one face of a poster, considered as an exhibition space. Each number has to answer to the previous one and features a unique proposal. Exhibitions on paper is the continuation of reflexions on the mode of existence of exhibitions and the dialogues they create.

Stamped with the data of each exhibition, the publications are a mediation space as well as a limited artist edition.

Each number is produced in 100 exemplars, silk-screened in Geneva, Switzerland.
price: 30 CHF + shipping – For any inquiries contact us on isle.crime@gmail.com

Erna und Curt Burgauer Stiftung
Ville de Genève – FMAC

isle collective, 2020 – Jean-Marie Fahy and Matheline Marmy



Lena Amuat & Zoë Meyer
Camille Dumond
Janis Dzirnieks
Simone Holliger
Daniel V. Keller
Pedro Wirz



Exhibitions on paper at Zabriskie Point, Geneva (15.11-25.11.2020)
Exhibitions on paper at Zabriskie Point, Geneva (15.11-25.11.2020)